3 Things That Can Scare Or Mislead Your Online Date

3 Things That Can Scare Or Mislead Your Online Date Interacting with the opposite sex from behind a computer’s monitor can be more relaxing, yet there are particular actions that should be avoided, at least during your first discussions, as they can either scare or make someone get the wrong idea about you.

Do not lie

Trying to beautify the truth is natural, but you must refrain from it because lies will be discovered and you will be embarrassed. If you lie about the way you look, at some point you will have to show your partner a photo or even date face to face and you will have to give plenty of explanations, should that person not simply turn your back when understanding the situation. And if you lie about your life, there is a chance to forget some of the things you told, present different versions and be put in an awkward situation.

Do not overact with messages

Regardless it is e-mails, private messages on socializing networks or text messages on mobile phones, do not send tens of them and keep them short. Telling the story of your life from the very beginning will both scare and get someone bored, plus it will give the sensation that you feel the need to complain or just look for someone to comfort you.

Do not talk about sex

If you have more serious hopes about your online dating than a one night stand, make sure you do not bring discussion about sex from your first interactions. If you are a man, the woman you talk to will think this is all you are looking for and if you are a woman, the man may picture you at least as a promiscuous person if not as a well seasoned piece of meat.

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