5 Simple Rules to Dating

The dating game is not easy. Just like any other games there are rules to follow. One wrong step is sufficient to kick you out of the game. These rules are important as they will maximize your happiness and minimizes the misery that may follow.

The first rule is to be yourself. Imagine the consequences if your partner founds out that you are actually acting and lying to him all along. If he loves you, he will love you for who you are. Even though first impression matters, if you are only a normal employee, never try to impress the other by telling him that you are a manager. However there is a limit to be yourself, which is to mind your manners. If you are used to bad manners, this is a turn-off for the partner. Get rid of any negative habits and preserve good habits.

For guys, keep in mind that you should never be late for a date, even if there is a good reason for it. Unless the reason is something unavoidable and important, it is never wise to keep the girls waiting and having to sit alone. Do not check out or flirt with other people while you are dating someone. This is an act of disrespect to your partner and she might head straight towards the door.

Communication is important to keep the relationship happy and healthy. It is the bridge that connects two people no matter what the ground is. Without communication, the two of you are not connected to each other. Do not assume. Talk with the partner as this will help you to understand him or her better. Keeping quiet is not a good habit.

The next rule is never date someone who will dump you the day after or someone who is married. The chances are they will break your heart. It is not unusual to date playboys or those who are just fooling around as they are the ones who are almost always attractive. However, do not fall into such traps if you are looking for a long-term relationship and marriage. These dumpers will not be able to give you such commitments.

As for dating married persons, they are unlikely to leave their wives or husbands for you. This is a way to sufferings as you are more likely to experience heartbreaks, lies, miseries and loss of romance. Always make sure that the other person is single. Even is the person is in the middle of divorce, it is wise not to be with him or her until the divorce is completed. You deserve a better person in your life.

Last, but not least, do not commit if you are still unsure whether he is the one for you or the two of you are meant to be together forever. Going to bed with him on the first few dates will also tend to ruin everything. It is not a method to keep him, but on the opposite it may be the last time you will see him ever.

Bear in mind that no matter how easy dating games appear to you, they are not once you start the game. Just remember to avoid anything that can hurt you and while you are in the game, just be yourself.

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