Best Holiday Gifts for New Dating Partners

Couples can meet each other and make that connection at any time of the year. There is no rule that says you must meet on a specific day during the year. Therefore, plenty of couples meet close to the winter holidays. This means that they are still getting to know each other and may not have any idea as to what sort of gift they should give each other. It does not have to become a serious dilemma, however. You can find the perfect gift for your new dating partner without worrying and wanting to pull out your hair by the roots.

First of all, consider what you know about this new person in your life. Obviously, the two of you will have talked about the normal things such as what sort of music, books and movies you like. Those are always great places to start. One of you may have a hobby that is very important to you. That is another direction that you can follow.

Things to stay away from in new relationships include expensive jewelry, clothing, and anything that is costly and/or very personal. For instance, a man should not buy the new lady in his life some sexy lingerie. A woman should avoid buying her new man something like Gstring underwear or an expensive suit. You get the point.

Now, you may be wondering that since there are so many things you should not buy your new partner, exactly what you should get. It is not as complicated as you might think. Gifts for those new companions in your life may include:

  • Books: Believe it or not, a significant number of the population do love to read. If your new dating companion is a reader and has a favorite author or genre of book, that can be the ideal gift. It can be even more meaningful if you can manage to get the book signed by the author.
  • Music: Almost everyone on the planet enjoys music whether it is rock, country, classical or anything else in between. Try buying your new dating companion a new CD of music performed by their favorite musician. This can expand further by making a mixed CD of all the songs that you know are the favorites of your new friend. Another way to add to this particular gift is to buy concert tickets to see a favorite performer.
  • Dinner and a Show: Many people love going to plays. These can come in the form of off-Broadway shows or dinner theaters. Season tickets can be purchased ahead of time and presented to your friend. This is sure to be a hit while not being overly personal.
  • Impersonal Jewelry: While certain types of jewelry may say too much about a fairly new relationship, there are some jewelry pieces that are appropriate. If you are dating a man who leans to wearing cuff links and tie pins, either of those will be acceptable as gifts for a new partner. Women may enjoy the charm bracelets that are making a comeback these days. You can add a couple of charms that are meaningful to her. Necklaces or earrings containing her birth stone is also a nice acceptable gift.
  • Fun Gifts: There are some gifts that are appropriate no matter how long a couple has been dating. For instance, t-shirts with cute sayings or pictures on them are always fun for the recipient. Framed photos of the two of you together can be fun. Posters of favorite movies or bands can be framed and used as a wall decoration.
  • Hobbies: If your new companion has a hobby that he or she is passionate about, that will give you a clue as to a gift that will be appreciated or enjoyed. For instance, if your new friend has pet birds, you might want to present a custom built bird cage. An aquarium lover might want to find new decorations for it or even a new fish or two. That is just the beginning. Pay attention to this person’s passion and you will find plenty of ideas for holiday gifts.
  • Scarves, Hats or Gloves: If you happen to live in a colder climate, such things as scarves, gloves and close fitting hats might be very much appreciated. Choose something elegant or fun, depending on the person’s taste who will be wearing these items. They do not have to be boring and can be quite appropriate for new companions.

The above certainly does not make a full list of gifts to give to your new dating partner, but it is a good place to start. As you begin shopping, you can add to this list and create one of your own. The more you spend with your new friend the more you will discover about this person. That will lead you in the right direction of the perfect holiday gift.

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