Best Recipe To Scare Away A Woman You Just Met Online

Women, as long as they are at least moderately attractive, are regularly overwhelmed on online dating websites with e-mails, IMs, winks and virtual kisses. Therefore, it is quite a challenge for men to have success with such a fierce competition, unless they step away from the crowd and avoid the following most common mistakes:

Unsmiling photos – you need to have up to five photos and have your best smile in at least one of them. Women want funny men and if you are too serious, your attitude will scare them away.

 Too smiley approaches – overacting with the winks and all the other options you have in order to show a woman your interest is not going to work. First approach her with a few e-mails and only later in the conversation add her to favorites.

Plain messages – you probably have no idea how often a woman is approached with something like “Hi there, I think you are very beautiful and I would like to know you better. Can we talk?”. Of course you want to know her better, but can you think of a less boring way to express it?

Pushy approaches – if your message receives no answer, sending ten others to ask “Why don’t you want to talk with me” or to remember her “It is so impolite of you to ignore me – you could have simply told me you are not interested!” will under no circumstances make her answer you back. Or at least she will not give you the answer you were expecting.

 Overwhelm with compliments – every women enjoys a bit of flattery but if you start telling her how beautiful she is before you even get to say your name, you make no good impression at all.

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