Breaking up a relationship that is not working

Getting into a relationship is not easy, and breaking up is even more difficult. It is often difficult to say the words that you want to without breaking the heart of the other person. However, when such thoughts occur it is a sign that there is something wrong with the relationship and breaking up is the best solution to it to avoid more problems. Breaking up temporarily may be able to let the two of you to work things out.

Before you say those words to the other partner, consider and think carefully about the decision. Are there any solutions other than breaking up? Consider the happy and unhappy moments from your relationship. It is also useful to write down the pros and cons of your relationship. For example, your partner is the ideal partner; caring, loving, independent or rich. But he is a workaholic and he only sees you in the weekend.

The timing for breakups is also important. Try not to do so before the birthdays or before the holidays. It is often more heartbreaking for the partner during such times and you will leave a big impression in him or her. After considering everything, you decide that breaking up is the best and only solution. The first step is to start ignoring the partner.

Avoid answering every call he made and call back at times you know that he is busy or is unable to answer phone calls. As for text messages, do not reply to every one of them. If he asks you out for dinner or movie, make excuses up to decline the offers. After some time of playing hide-and-seek, he might be able to feel that you are avoiding him and might get the hint. He may come up to you and you can explain that you are breaking up with him then.

However, if he did not get the hint, there are steps to follow. First, think of an excuse such as you are not suitable for him or he is too good for you. Avoid using excuses that will leave the partner hurt such as you have been cheating behind him for some time. This will leave respect for the partner and minimizes the pain of heartbreak.

If this does not work, try other ways such as emphasizing that you need the single life. Tell him thing such as you need some space, things are different from where we used to be or that you do not feel for him anymore. These will express your desire to become single again.

After the break off, your ex may still be around trying to win you back or hoping to patch up. It is best not to give him hope by avoiding his calls or texts, even if you bump into him in the public, keep the conversation brief and make excuses to go. Everyone needs time and space to be able to completely get over a relationship.

Lastly, you must move on. Get rid of the guilt or any unhappy feelings that you will be having. You may feel uncomfortable with the sensation of being single. Move on with your life; go out and meet some people.

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