Dating industry boom as recession forces singles to rethink

As high street stores, the auto industry and many other sectors of the British economy are experiencing a downturn in business due to the economic climate, the dating industry has never had it so good. Perhaps singles are thinking that there is safety in number or that that two can weather the economic downturn better than one no one know but quite a significant number of singles are joining dating site and using other dating organisations to search for a partner.

Most dating website are recording significant number of new signups. Match .com, one of the largest dating sites in UK was a 35% increase in new singles joining in February 2009 when compared with the numbers of new members recorded in February 2008. Guardian newspaper dating section; soulmateĀ  enjoyed and even bigger signup than Match .com, with about 45% increase in signups.

Online dating has been growing steadily over the years but the current economic climate seem to be helping it grow even faster.

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