Tips for successful dating

The process of dating has been made very complicated in recent times.  That is because, people rarely bother to take the time out to know about the person they are dating and find them selves in bed with that person.  Modern lifestyle and peer pressure has also got a lot to do with this practice as people sometime feel pressurised to move a relationship further when they are not ready to move a relationship further.

Some people argue that online dating somewhat goes some way to address this problem as you have ample time to get to know a man or woman trough communicating by email, instant messenger etc before you actually meet them in flesh, even when you meet, it takes time for the chemistry between you to develop well enough to take your relationship to the next level.

However, there are some basic techniques and tips you  need to follow to land a successful date.  These tips have stood the test of time and have got a lot to do with common sense more than anything else.  Observing them will ensure that you will not struggle to find a date and who knows, you may even find a life partner.

Let us look at them in detail.

1. Punctuality
This old world virtue bears relevance in today’s frenetic pace of life.  Nobody wishes to be kept waiting and very often it is the first impression that counts the most.  Your partner will appreciate the fact that you value her time and by arriving on the dot, you are also conveying to her that you mean business as far as punctuality is concerned.

2. Be yourself
This is such an important factor in establishing relationships that people often do not understand or recognize its value.  Very often people put on an act and try to be something that they feel will appease their partners and end up on the losing side.  You must remember that, honesty is indeed the best policy and you only need to be yourself and project things as it is rather than put up a front.  It is more than likely that at some time in future, the façade that you have created on your first date can be broken into and the truth revealed, which will destroy the relationship.

3. Take time to understand your partner
You need to invest time and effort to understand your partner and should not be in a rush.  It is only when you share ideas and thoughts that you will actually know whether your partner is indeed the right one for you.

4. Do not have preconceived ideas
It is very common for people to have notions about the perfect date and set standards accordingly thereby restricting choices. The problem is there is no perfect date and you need to be open to face the reality that is there in front of your eyes.  When you do not set preconceived limits on how your date should be, your expectations are tempered and you are able to accept a person with his or her limitations.  After all, it is not as if you are perfect.

5. Have the maturity to walk out of a relationship
Sometimes, things may not work out and you need to show the required maturity to accept it.  If you have to end a relationship, try to end it on a good note and avoid bitterness.

Dating can be fun and should be treated as an opportunity to know people.  It is a learning experience for both partners and if it clicks, there is nothing more gratifying.

Here are some final tips about dating successfully, it lays out what successful dating should be:

  • Successful dating involves setting realistic goals including criteria to help you find the right date.
  • Successful dating is setting boundaries for your self, do you life in Fulham? you cannot date someone who lives in Milton Keynes successfully.
  • Successful dating means you are positive about a date, don’t thing a date will be a disaster when you have not even been on it.
  • Successful dating means you and your date having fun.
  • Successful dating means setting realistic goals for you and your date if things move beyond the first date.
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