For All Those Obsessed With Emoticons

For All Those Obsessed With Emoticons  Despite the fact that many of us cannot picture themselves having online conversations without the casual or humorous emoticons, not everyone knows that these have been around for quite a long time. In fact, it was Scott Fahlman, a computer scientist activating in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, at Carnegie Mellon University, the one who used them for the first time, in 1982.

Up to this moment, we all agree how funny or expressly using them can be. Nevertheless, our question is whether overacting with their usage is a good thing or not, at least from the perspective of online dating.

When interacting over the internet, with the written words being our only way to send messages, we often feel the need to make our feelings more obvious. If verbal communication is supposed to express just 7% of the message we intend to deliver while vocal communication 38% and facial communication 55%, the need of introducing such faces into our written messages is understandable.

An emoticon makes everything more expressive and joyful indeed, yet what do tens of emoticons out of your texting? Psychologists claim that people who normally overrun their messages with emoticons do it because they actually find it difficult to verbally express and because they find comfort in such visuals.

Do you acknowledge finding hard to say precisely what you feel or mean and therefore use emoticons? While many people looking for an online date are not aware of this interpretation that specialists gave to the way that people obsessed with emoticons manifest, many can still be reluctant to this idea. Too much of anything can damage and you preferring to fill a message with funny faces instead of actually saying something might make your interlocutor think you are too childish or you have nothing important or serious to say.

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