Forget Mr. Right – settle for Mr. Right Now!

Every woman wants a date with Mr. Right. Right for what? Right for them, of course. Dating has become a quest for finding the Right man, the one who is perfect for you. It doesn’t matter how much you wait, he is out there, somewhere, thinking why he didn’t meet his half so far… wake up! Waiting for Mr. Right is like chasing imaginary unicorns!

If you already have an image on who/how your future partner is going to be, you are heading for a disappointment. It’s not a good idea to set up high standards because no one is ever going to reach them and you are just going to go home at the end of the date thinking that ‘he just wasn’t Mr. Right’. I’m not saying you’re asking for the impossible, but I bet there isn’t a single person out there that would fit to your ideal image of the perfect man: he may have some features, but they are usually combined with other ones that you can’t stand.

If you think I’m not giving your Mr. Right a chance, let’s do an exercise. Take a piece of paper and a pen and describe Mr. Right: put down all his qualities, even his flaws (those which you probably find acceptable or cute), and write whatever important detail you have relating to him. You can even draw his picture if you feel inspired. When you are done, make a fake profile on a free dating site and see how many dates he gets. If you have a comment like ‘you are too good to be true’, then you know where this is going… Try another exercise. Imagine your Mr. Right being the main character in a love story. Is the character reliable? Believable? I doubt it. No one is perfect.

So instead of waiting for Mr. Right, why not settle with Mr. Right Now? It may not be the perfect man you always dreamed of, but he does have certain qualities that fit the profile (this is why you dated him). Don’t miss out on a good relationship just because the man you are dating is not perfect. I know you are a mature person who knows what she want out of life, but standards change all the time. You might wake up one day and realize that you actually had a potential partner that you dismissed for not being ‘Mr. Right’.

You need to understand that Mr. Right belongs to the fantasy world, while Mr. Right Now is actually real. This doesn’t mean you should settle for less, it only means that you should give it a try.

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