How To Chose An Username For Your Online Dating Profile

How To Chose An Username For Your Online Dating Profile  From a distance, this username will serve you as disguise when looking for online dates, as it spares you from declining your real name. However, it also represents a sort of avatar for all the communications you will develop in there.

You can imagine that the name you chose to represent your profile is also the first and only thing to create an image about you in the minds of those who will approach you, at least until they will have the chance to know you better. So chose it wisely!

It would be a good idea to keep in mind a few things that must be avoided on this chapter, such as plain and general words – “Single23” – and diminutives – you will most likely not catch the eye with a nickname such as “BubblyAlly”. Furthermore, avoid flirty names or sex related formulations – you have all the time to use them in future conversations, yet you do not want for this to be your image on that website!

One simple and easy method, which also brings interesting results, would be to make yourself a list of adjectives and one of nouns, with words to represent you or your passions in one way or another and then combine them. ChocolateRain or ClumsyViolin are definitely usernames with no resemblance to others from the website and make many people at least curious if not interested about it and you.

Additionally, you could find combinations of two or three words also representing your interests and use them just like that: “TravelBug”, “”AddictedToMusic” or even “LongDistanceRunner”. Everything is good as long it is not childish or just an attempt of impressing.

And you can always research about other users’ names and make a unique combination out of them!

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