Is Your Online Date Trying To Stood You Up?

So you’ve met online, exchanged a few private messages, went to chatting and kept chatting till dawn. You felt attraction rising between the two of you. You cannot tell for sure that your online date is into you, but the never-ending virtual socialization tells you something. Is he or she avoiding a real date with you making you feel like you are about to be stood up?

It may be the case, depending on numerous other factors. But while the majority of articles telling you how to make the best in transferring online romances to offline experiences suggest that a reliable person will agree meeting you within the first three weeks of conversations, it does not have to be a rule.

Whenever looking into this problem, there are two main things to consider: your expectations and the ones of your partner. Begin by asking yourself how much you are willing to wait for someone you like and when would be the right moment to give up. Sometimes, you might surprise yourself ready to make an effort and wait even longer if it seems to worth the pain. And then, continue by asking yourself how much time does the other person need in order to take the relationship on a next level.

Of course, you will sound like a stalker with a line close to “So tell me, when exactly you are planning to meet me? Are we talking about days, weeks or months, ‘cause I’m having a full agenda!”. However, you can analyze that person’s profile in detail and try to understand, if you were not already told, for how long he or she has been out of a relationship, how much damage the breakup caused and how much is he or she emotionally available. If your online date is more of a sensitive person, it may take you longer to sell yourself as the best catch and be bought for a coffee.

If the entire above are clear and you are still there chatting, try to make another step by asking a phone number prior to the date. Depending on how fast you receive a positive answer, you can have another clue on whether you are only dealing with someone that takes things slowly or with someone who already stood you up by not having serious intentions.

Finally yet importantly, once you get that phone number and delve into the pleasure of exchanging messages wherever you are without having to sign in on the online dating website, you can suggest a quick date. Just to kill the tension, call it a trial date, for a small coffee at the corner of the street, for a cigarette if both of you smoke or for anything else that involves spending 15 minutes together. Even the shiest persons cannot resist the temptation of meeting someone they like under such circumstances. It helps breaking the ice and it will confirm you whether you need to hang around or move on.

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