Is Your Online Dating Profile Sending Out The Wrong Message?

   Is Your Online Dating Profile Sending Out The Wrong Message?More than 20 million people around the world use online dating services each month. With even the most insignificant website gathering thousands of subscribers, it is understandable that once you sign up for it you risk being overwhelmed.

If you panic and you happen to feel a little unsecure with words – to the point where you think you cannot say something clever and catchy about yourself – you may consider the photos to be your shot. And unfortunately, some women decide to post photos that have on their visitors the same effect we laughed about in cartoons, with the guy’s eyes leaping out of the orbits.

How many times have you happened to bump into a woman’s profile whose photo album included themes such as the “skimpy little top”, the “don’t I have a great cleavage” question, the bikini shot or the sexy negligee? What about the panties making half of her butt hanging out of the handkerchief-like dress revealing lacey underwear? For things to be perfect, didn’t she have a profile header saying something like “I’m so tired of pervy men and really hope I will find a guy to love me for who I am!”? Yes, men have the shirtless photos, but at least they do not complain about women wanting them just for sex…

The thing is that one cannot expose herself that way and then expect men to love her for who she is instead of her looks. Because otherwise, the hidden message is that this is all she has to offer. And to say it bluntly it’s like speaking out loud “I admit I’m stupid but I do hope that these goodies will keep you from noticing it!”

Now can you picture how the rest of the online dating adventure will develop from here? The back and forward exchange of messages…

– I just saw your profile and I could tell that you really seem like a very interesting woman

(a.k.a. Wow, I can’t take my eyes from your tits and most surely can’t wait to grab them!)

Oh, thank you, I checked your profile and you seem like a very interesting guy too

(a.k.a. Oh my God, I hope you’ll marry me!)

-What do you say, shall we meet for a coffee?

(a.k.a. The sooner we meet, the sooner I can have you)

  -It would be great, but I would love to take it slow…

(a.k.a. I need to make sure that you’re not just after sex)

And this is where conversation ends because he will most likely refuse doing such efforts for a pair of tits and she will most likely feel miserably, convinced that all that men want from her is sex.

Profile photos are for letting others know how you look and not what can you do in the bedroom – at least if you are looking for a mate, not a casual date. Because for this particular purpose, there are special websites to check!

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