Looking for a man or woman, do opposites attract?

For many years, the saying has been that “opposites attract”. Well sure, when it comes to science, this is often true. But we are talking about something else; does opposites attract when it comes to dating and relationships? This question has puzzled many people, some saying that opposites do attract, while others disagree. Then, there are those in the middle, who think yes and no. So who is right? Read on and we will find out.
Firstly, it really comes down to ones definition of the word “opposite”. Everyone is going to have a different set of values and definitions for the word opposite. For some, opposite is something beautiful, and these people agree that opposites attract. Others look down upon people who are different than them (opposite) and are usually not attracted to opposites.

Nonetheless, majority of people these days seem to believe that opposites do attract; but why? It could be the very fact that people want to connect to someone who has different abilities from one self. By now, if you did not believe that opposites attract, you may be starting to agree. Though, do not get to far ahead of yourself! In reality, more and more people are finding that relationships with opposites are asking for a quick and bad break up.
Opposites may attract at first, but in the long run will usually have each other “running up the wall” in the long run. As tempting as it may be at first, think of the long run. Relationships are meant to be long lasting, and if you feel like it is only a sudden attraction to an “opposite”, you are probably right.
Nonetheless, we all know how hard it can be to find someone who is similar to us. While our world becomes more diverse, it becomes even harder to find someone who is very much like you. Nonetheless, it has been shown that relationships between those with similar race, personality, and so on are much more successful. Though, these factors should not alter ones decision of being with one they love. Love is love, and if you feel like you have found it, do not lose it.

Why is it so difficult to have a relationship with an opposite? Because the two individuals will often require different things, and will have to work together to come upon agreement. This is difficult because opposites usually adapt to things differently. One may have a harder time adapting to a certain change, while the other will adapt easier. This will lead to a loss of stability in the relationship, and as we all know, that can never be a good thing. A relationship is meant to be stable, and those between opposites are usually not the most stable. Too put it simply, opposites do attract, but they usually do not succeed in their relationship. This does not mean that no opposites will ever succeed in their relationship. They very well may, but statistically, not very often.

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