Love test can it help you resolve compatibility issues

Relationships are strange, and if you look around, you would notice that everyone at some point in life would push their limits to strike a relationship with the one they want. Once they get into a relationship, they are not quite able to commit themselves in a way, which could stretch their bond. It’s difficult to answer why humans behave in a self centric manner.

Though, some are good at forging bonds and maintaining them, still most of them suffer from the enigma of broken relationships. That’s exactly, where dating sites creep in and guides you to choose a partner. The question at this juncture is whether a love test can help you determine whether the man or woman in your life is the right partner for you.

Dating had always been an occasion to know more about each other, but does it actually help you measure your compatibility with your partner? Do you feel an hour date with your partner would help you create a list of her likes and dislikes, her values and goals?

Though, few are lucky to find a partner during dates who is compatible enough and share similar goals in life. But the majorities are deprived of any success in finding a compatible partner. My love calculator is one site which guides you to find your partner through astrological calculations.

The site does all the calculations on the basis of your birth sign, your time of birth and throws a list of options to choose from.

Still, many would argue and set the debate on fire by saying what would happen if an astrological dating site doesn’t favor union between love struck couples. Now, nobody tells you to throw aside your relationship and put all your blame on the astrological dating site.

The whole issue here is about your compatibility with your partner and that’s what astrological dating sites preach in their site. The calculations though may not be true always, still, my love calculator has a good strike ratio.

Look, your desire to be in a relationship also plays a role in furthering your relationship. There’s a deeper truth in the whole debate of compatibility. The astrological dating sites only guides to choose a partner on the basis of astrological calculations, but it’s you who would make a relationship work. Your ability to accept your partner’s tastes and habits is what keeps a relationship going.

The lack of acceptance in a relationship will kill it, no matter how much you love your partner, or the passionate romance you would have had earlier.

There had been a surge in the number of people who are willing to measure the truth about their compatibility with their partners. It’s better to know the truth and come out of a relationship, instead of dragging on, knowing the truth that your relationship won’t work later. It would dislodge you completely, later, and break your heart.

Remember, relationships only work when two individuals want to make it work. The astrological dating sites only guide you to find a direction, but the real commitment needs to be shown by you. It’s you who would make yourself compatible with your partner and prove what astrological dating calculations tell about you.

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