Mothering Sunday 18 March 2012

Make It Sunny With An Out Of The Box Surprise

Make It Sunny With An Out Of The Box Surprise  Celebrating motherhood is an ancient practice spread throughout the world since with the Greek goddess
Cybele’s cult and Hilaria, the famous Roman festival. The influence that mothers have in the nowadays
society and the special bonds between a woman and her child considered, from March to May, numerous
countries worldwide dedicate a special day  for mothers to be truly cherished, loved and remembered how
important they are.

Mothering Sunday from 18th of March this year should be, once again, for both older and younger children
to show appreciation towards their mothers. With the tons of flowers and chocolates part of the tradition
for this special moment, many presents have become predictable. However, there are still ways of making out
of the box surprises…

In a day when mothers are supposed to be spoiled, it is not just the kids who try to make them happy, as
fathers or partners often make them presents on behalf of their children. And still, there are many single
mothers out there who do not have a special man in their life to delight them. All these single Yummy Mummies
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