Online Dating Mistakes to Avoid


Online dating is supposed to be the next evolution in human interaction. If you watch any commercial for companies like eHarmony or, they make it seem like such a breeze don’t they? Two people meet for the very first time and they go on to have a wonderful date while laughing all the way. But in real life, you have to get through several stages before you even reach the point of meeting face-to-face. There simply are no guarantees and online dating is basically what you make of it. Sure it can work out great and you might end up with your soulmate, but you could potentially work yourself into all types of problematic situations as well. While it’s good to be optimistic, you shouldn’t go into any online dating situation thinking that all of the work is done for you. You’ll have to think on your feet and trust your instincts while avoiding some of these common mistakes.


Picking the Wrong Site – there are plenty of websites out there but almost all of them are different in some way. Even if some of the features are the same, it’s unlikely you’ll find the exact same user base. You have to think about what you want from your online dating experience and then pick a site to match. For example, if you just want to see what’s out there while testing the waters than something free like Plenty of Fish will work just fine. But if you’re looking for something more serious than a site like that might just seem like a waste of time. In general, free sites serve their purpose but they can also turn into something resembling social networking. For a real relationship where two people are on the same page about the future, you might have to pick something that requires a monthly subscription.


Lying in Your Profile – everybody fudges the truth a little bit when they come up with their online profile. But don’t make the huge mistake of lying completely about important details. Remember, you’re going to meet the other person anyways and there’s no way you can hide the truth forever. Even if it’s something as simple as your age, be honest from the start to avoid future complications. The same goes with the picture you choose to attach to your photograph which should obviously be authentic. How would you like it if you showed up for a date with someone who is five years older and 2 feet shorter than what you thought? You wouldn’t like it very much and there’s no reason why you should do that to anyone else.


Falling in Love with Emails – there’s no doubt about it, it’s an incredible thrill to get attention from someone else. And after a few e-mails you might feel a deep connection like you’ve never experienced before. But take a step back and put things into perspective. A lot of people fall in love way to quickly, and it’s more the idea of the other person than the person themselves. Don’t be embarrassed if this happens because it’s a common phenomenon, but you also have to be careful that it doesn’t lead you into precarious situations. Remember, no matter how much you e-mail or message back and forth it will pale in comparison to what you can learn from one face-to-face meeting.


Taking Things too Personally – sorry, but rejection is a part of the online dating world two. While commercials might make it seem like you don’t have to face rejection ever again, that’s simply not the way things work. And it doesn’t hurt any less when it happens online either, and it can be just as surprising as in real life. The most important thing is to keep on trying even if people aren’t responding to your profile. Sometimes it’s just a matter of timing and in other cases you might have to make a few tweaks to your approach before you can find success.


Not Trusting Your Instincts – if it seems too good to be true, it invariably is when it comes to Internet and online dating. That’s why you should take things slow enough to let your instincts kick in in case something is wrong. There are plenty of people who aren’t telling the truth and some outright scammers out there. This isn’t an exact science and there are no love spells that will guarantee success, so you have to be on your toes at all times while putting trust in the right people. You have more intuition then you realize and it’s essential to keep your eyes open to protect your safety at all times.


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