Online Dating Study Makes Surprising Reveals

We are grateful to one dating agency in UK who conducted in March, this year, a study on the habits of 250 users of internet dating services, for a better view of their likes and hates, desires and hopes and the way they accomplish when reported to virtual romances. Below presented would be the most surprising aspects revealed with this occasion:


 Everyone knows his or her personal motivation when entering the fascinating world of WWW in search for romance or just casual flirt, but it is interesting to go for the motivations that drive each of the two sexes and that happen to be a little different.

 To summarize, women generally prefer internet dating for the possibility of being selective with potential partners. We have said it before: they see it as browsing a catalogue with single guys on promotions. They want to analyze and then make a choice while taking all the time they need. Men on the other hand just try their luck for the reason that they have nothing to lose, which is not really encouraging for all the single girls, but it still works.

 Turn ons and offs

 Differences were noticed on this chapter as well, only that we would like to start with the things we have in common: women and men decide what singles to approach depending on the things they have in common. After all, it seems that guys don’t just skip reading a profile and jump to the part with drooling on photos. So pay attention to the things you write on your profiles.

 And since we are here, also pay attention to the photos you select, because 14% of all women and 17% of all men interviewed reject users with no profile photo.

 Now read on for some other facts you need to know:

  • Women consider honesty as the most important personality trait and men prefer sense of humor
  • Women want to date men with ages as close as possible to theirs while nearly 30% of men want women younger with 2-4 years
  • Women are either less chattier or have less initiative because men exchange a lot more messages as opposed to them
  • Women generally want dinner and wine while approximately 18% of men would just have a drink on their first real date
  • Women lie less about their age as opposed to men: 8% vs 13%

 Money, money, money

 A partner’s salary matters to only 19% of the surveyed men and to 43% of the women. However, 45% of men defined the ideal salary of their new date somewhere around 21.000 – 30.000 pounds while 55% of women have expectations of 15.000 – 20.000 pounds a year.


 Judging by the entire above, it is obvious that some of the shallow misconceptions with regards to both sexes have been dismantled. And it can only make us happy, with all these indicating that online dating can be an even more satisfying experience.

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