Online Dating – What makes it so popular?

Online Dating – What makes it so popular?  Online dating rise and development is thought to be connected with the personal messages published by singles on newspapers in an attempt of finding a spouse, beginning with 1980s. However, back then, this was considered a rather desperate attempt, which is no longer available in the twenty-first century when millions of people find love over the internet. So what is it that makes online dating so popular?

On a first glance, it seems that people totally changed their attitude, becoming more practical and since online dating is also practical, it better suits to the tendencies of these times. It takes no money, no fancy clothes and no stress to have an online date and it is so easy to approach someone or to end a virtual connection. Simple, plain and comfortable, it could not have been more practical.

Another feature that goes hand in hand with the one above mentioned is that online dating is super fast. Imagine how long would it take you in real life to lay your eyes on let us say 10 potential dates and find both the courage and the occasions to approach them all? When you are on a dating website, you can lay your eyes on hundreds of potential partners within hours and you can even approach ten of them at the same time – more or less, depending on how good you are with multitasking.

Last but not least, it suits to all types of singles, from those who are very sociable and natural talents with flirting to those who are rather picky and hard to please, or from those interested in flings to those who want to get married. Speaking of which, statistics estimate that one out of five relationships started online lead to marriage.

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