Pearl, 43 from Long Eaton, Derbyshire Looking For Online Dating

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Pearl, 43 from Long Eaton, Derbyshire


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Pearl’s Characteristics

Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Light Blonde
Hair Length: Short
Height: 5’1″-5’4″
Build: Average / Medium
Ethnicity: Caucasian / White
Religion: None
Marital Status: Single
Smoker: None
Drinker: Social
Children: 0
Vegetarian: No
Education: Post-graduate
Occupation: Consultant

About Pearl

Hello, I am Lady Pearl – for now….and I am an intelligent, optimistic, business owner from the East Midlands. I travel around the country a lot with my work and occasionally abroad although not as much as I would like to! I run a consultancy business which i enjoy as i do not have to answer to anyone else and the boss is great…..I can be quite quiet, but I do like fun, more energetic activities and am quite outgoing. I will speak my mind and expect you to speak yours. I am an honest and kind person with this being a desired trait in a potential new friend. I do like regular communication from people, even if its just a single word.

I am looking for someone who knows who they are and is not afraid to be with someone who knows who they are too. I like to travel but its far nicer with a companion. I am looking for love and whatever relationship that brings about and someone who likes to go out as well as stay in and who wants an optimistic, upbeat and intelligent companion for all that. I am willing to travel for the right person and I am open minded and mostly have a calm approach to life, and i can be quite quiet, but i will speak my mind.

I appreciate honesty and sincerity. I have recently rediscovered walking as a pastime for both fitness and long conversations, so if you like dog walking over a few miles with decent conversation and the obligatory pub at the end of it(!) please do get in touch so we can discover more about each other.

I am looking for a man from Nottingham or within 50 odd miles. Tried to do long distance, but it didn’t work out. For initially – Friendship, then Long-term, maybe even more…..Non smokers only thanks! And someone available now please….:)

Pearl’s Interests

Pop Music, Movies, Theatre, Dancing, Animals, Gardening, The Arts, The Outdoors, DIY/Crafts, Restaurants, Pubs/Clubs, Reading, Internet and Cooking
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