Pentecostal Christian Spin on Marriage Part 2

Young couples need a spontaneous interest toward the same activities and pursuits both in both secular and religious avenues and, above all, to focus their lives on Christ and the church. Many have discovered that the closing of their lives in Christ and His service has continually drawn them more closely together and has fused their personalities into one. This love ought to be continued in the courtship and in the building of a home.

For several years now, our homes have been under unusual stress and strain. Many Christian homes have been broken up and many problems have arisen as to how to keep the home above the tide of the times so as to protect and preserve it. The church has a task right at this point and it may be called upon more and more to help as the circumstances of the immediate future present themselves. The training which the young people of the present generation have received will be reflected in the homes of tomorrow.

A wise marriage is one founded on Christian ideals and principles. If the husband and the wife are both Christians, the life of the home established will run along much smoother than where one or both are not followers of Christ. Furthermore, the children of such a home will have a much better chance of being what they ought to be—believers in Christ and good citizens. A pretty face and popularity will not meet all of the requirements in the building of a home.

The consideration of others is a basic requirement for a home built upon a good foundation. The home may be regarded as an enterprise just as a business is regarded. No business on earth would ever succeed if the partners were continually trying to harass one another. So it is with the home. There will be times of trial and times of distress perhaps, but if each considers the other and works with that consideration in mind, that home will not break apart. Real and abiding love must therefore be fundamental.

Co-operation is important in the matter of successfully maintaining a home. Like interests are basic at this point. If both the husband and the wife are active in the work of the local church, co-operation will be present in that phase of activity. Working together in one thing will make for co-operation in other things. If the ideal is to make the home a sanctuary instead of just a service station, then co-operation to that end will produce harmony and accomplishment. Christian marriage is one of the greatest institutions of life. If all marriages were truly Christian, most of the troubles of our society would disappear. But Christian marriage is not limited merely to a wedding ceremony performed in a Christian church or by a Christian minister. It begins with that but goes on throughout the lives of the parties concerned. It is the carrying out of all the Christian principles in a very definite way, for nearly all the problems of society, simple or complex, are represented in family life.

The family circle is a miniature world and even international affairs have their family counterparts. Selfishness, cruelty and economic problems are found in international, national, state and family affairs. One can begin the practice of practical Christianity at home from every angle. When family affairs are conducted like some international affairs—full of bluff and treachery, there is bound to be trouble. And when international affairs are handled along the lines of a Christian family there will be world peace.

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