Reaching New Heights at a Distance

Long distance relationships can be an amazing a worthwhile experience. Many people are turned off by the idea of having the person that you are romantically linked to so far away. There are three main components of any relationship; physical, emotional and spiritual. The majority of relationships that you see on the streets are physical. Some reach emotional levels but the intensity of the emotion is minimal compared to that of a long distance relationship. The spiritual level is usually attained by a strong coming together of the physical and emotional components.

The reason why many “regular’ relationships do not go onto a real emotional level is because these people have the physical component to rely on. Communication can be lackluster since when the two of you are bored, you can use your physical proximity to fill in the awkward silence. It is precisely due to this physical dependency that most partners do not open up. As soon as a situation gets a little sticky, the bedroom seems like a good place to make your partner forget the question he/she asked.

Those who are in a long distance relationship know that being creative and communicating is u best way to keep a relationship alive. You know that make up sex isn’t even on the radar so opening up and creating lines of communication in order to avoid fights is the best answer. During these non physical times, you can really see the kind of person with whom you are in a relationship. You can see your partner’s devotion and effort that he/she puts into the relationship.

You will also be able to know your partner better since there is only communication to rely on. Once you form this bond truly on an emotional level, the physical aspect of your partnership will not only be there but it will be enhanced since the last time you saw each other. Creating such an intense emotional bond will allow you to feel your partner on a new and exciting platform that you would not normally achieve without going through a long distance situation. Those relationships that can withstand the distance, can withstand just about anything.

This article was written by Sensei Allison Schleck of Dating Sites and Review

This article was written by Sensei Allison Schleck of
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