Should Women Go for Online Dating?


Online Dating

Many people find their match online.  Some were able to build a successful relationship while others didn’t have similar luck.  The Internet is a good venue to find new friends as well as new love where it can blossom into an intimate relationship in the real world.  But before going out on a date with the guy that you’ve met online, there are precautionary measures that have to be practiced.  Below are a few tips for adventurous women who want to find their partners online:

Ask for some photos.  If you want to know how he looks, you may ask him for some photos so you’d know the appearance of the person you’re communicating with.  And if he’ll also be asking for some pictures of you, reject his request.  Many pictures of women posted on online dating services end up getting edited and posted in porno sites, so you have to be very cautious on this.

Meet up with a guy only when you’re ready.  You should agree to go out on a date without being pressured.  In your first date, always make sure that you in meet in a public place.  Do not choose a confined place.  If there is a need for you to travel on an airplane, do the airline booking all by yourself and this also applies when booking for a room in a hotel.  Never tell him the name of the hotel where you’ll be staying as well as your itinerary.

Level up as phone pals.  If you are already comfortable interacting with a guy online, maybe it’s time for you to level up your relationship and become phone pals.  This is another good way to check on his consistency as well as on his sincerity.

Check the consistency of the guy.  Before personally meeting up with a guy, you have to make sure that you already know a lot of personal information about him.  It is also important that all of the information is true.  You have to think of ways to on how you could check on his consistency like, for instance, his birthday, hobbies, status, job, and many more.

Do not divulge your personal information to someone you haven’t met in person or to someone you’re uncomfortable with.  Try not to give your personal details and contact details, especially if your relationship just started.  If he is very insistent, you better cut off your communication with him.

On your fist date, choose a dress that is decent for him to respect you.  Don’t wear something that will make him think that you’re an easy-to-get woman.  Wear something that’s not seductive.

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