Sorting the Wheat From the Chaff – responding to the right man or woman

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One of the most common dating problems in internet dating is sorting the wheat from the chaff. There are millions of people dating online, so who do you know is right for you? In reality, you will not know until you try to date some of these possibilities. However, you can separate the genuine requests from suspicious ones. There are plenty of internet scams going around and you should not be stuck in one of them. The best way to pick out a scam is to be observant of the people who contact you.

Anyone who asks for personal information or requests money from you is a scam artist. You should cease talking to this person immediately at that moment. You may not realize it at the time, but look at your communication log. Are the same facts being repeated? Is the language used from the same person? There should be consistency throughout all of your communications. If there is not, then you might be looking at a scam.

When asked, “how do you know which person would be a good choice for me?” you have to do a little research. Looking at a member profile is the best way to sort the wheat from the chaff. What does this profile say about this person? Do you agree? Does this person’s profile make you want to meet him or her or run away? If you are attracted to this person’s profile, then you will most likely be attracted to this person.

Once you reply back to this person, see how long it takes for your potential date to respond back to you. If the communication seems delayed, he or she may not be as intensely involved in online dating as one should be. Online dating is not a hobby. It is an excellent tool to go out and meet new people, especially if you are looking for a relationship. If this person is not really looking too hard for a date, you may want to move onto another dating member.

The most important factor in sorting the wheat from the chaff is to go on your feelings. What do you think about this person? Do you think he or she is worth the trouble? Do you feel like he or she is putting the same amount of effort into the relationship? If you have a good feeling about this person then you are most likely right and going to succeed.

Guest blogger, Allison Schleck of Dating Websites

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