The Most Common Reasons Relationships Fail

We’ve all been in the situation where a relationship has failed and we have all sat and asked ourselves why it failed, what went wrong and more often than not – who is to blame? The truth is that relationships fail for an almost infinite number of reasons and every situation is likely to be different. In looking at the most common reasons relationships fail we aren’t trying to provide concrete answers; rather we are trying to provide some guidelines and some understanding that will help in further relationships and strengthen existing ones.

With that in mind understand that sometimes relationships fail for reasons beyond our control – people change, we change and our lives around us change. In these situations learn your lessons and move on to better things. With that in mind though we now look at the most common reasons relationships fail.

One of the most common reasons relationships fail is that they become stagnated or simply put boring. As relationships become more serious and particularly when a couple move in together it can become very easy for them to fall into habits and routines. It’s very easy to do and part of human nature – you get home from work sort out dinner and stick on the TV; this soon becomes the status quo of your relationship.

In these situations it is very easy for a relationship to fail as the couple no longer continues to engage in as much social activity, dating activity or simply talking to each other. By continually “doing” things and working towards shared goals like holidays, trips and days out. This can make a world of difference though sometimes it doesn’t.

The second most common cause of a relationship failing is from communication issues (often resultant from our first problem). At the start of a relationship couples talk incessantly as we all know. However after the honey moon period and especially as the relationship becomes more serious communication can become a real problem. As things become more serious and as a relationship develops many people struggle to talk about their deeper feelings – both personally and in terms of the relationship itself.

Having closed feelings can lead to serious problems within the relationship and can cause relationships to fail. If you are a bit of a closed book or your partner is then you should take steps to try and talk openly with each other.

The third most common reason relationships fail is that one or both of the people involved in the relationship become selfish. We all have a tendency to be selfish but in a relationship when someone acts selfishly this can quickly cause problems. Often it is hard to be aware that you are being selfish in a relationship or in your actions which is why this problem is so common.

The only real solution to this problem is to talk openly with your partner and be more honest with yourself in your actions within the relationship.

Whilst we haven’t by a long shot covered all the reasons relationship fail we have one last common reason why relationships fail that we can’t always overcome but can have a huge impact. This issue is nit-picking. It might seem silly but as a relationship develops we tend to find more faults with our partner – largely because the honeymoon period ends and we know them a lot better.

Sometimes these faults should make you reconsider your relationship but a lot of the time we are finding faults because the relationship is becoming more serious. Always ask yourself whether the fault is really that important.

With that in mind we wish you the best of luck in all your future relationships.

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