Three Questions That Everyone Should Ask Their Potential Dates

Three Questions That Everyone Should Ask Their Potential Dates  If you thought that filling your profile and choosing a smashing photo was the hardest part of your online dating adventure, wait and see until you will have to actually interact with someone you like and you will have no idea what questions to ask! It’s not about the small talk that helps you gain confidence, but about those that make a difference and give you important clues on how the person you talk to really is… So here is what you must always ask:

What do you think about dating websites?

Your new friend will most likely not tell you that dating websites are useless, as long as he or she is active in there. However, this is one of the best circumstances for you to hear about that person’s previous experiences and the way she reacted on them. People facing failures show their character better than ever and this is a theory you should test.

What you despise most in all the persons you talked with so far?

Asking about what disappoints that person with regards to online dating will help you, on one hand, to better understand her expectations, and, on the other hand, it will help you avoid in the future doing the same mistakes. This is a smart move that you must never overlook.

Why did your last relationship end?

Everyone wants to know it as it can reveal at least two important things: how much is that person emotionally available and how much she can take responsibility. Regardless whether he or she starts blaming the partner or taking all the blame personally, you should be worried. The answer you are looking for is that things were no longer working or that it was mutual consent!

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