Top Dating and Relationship Tips

One of the best ways to ensure a successful date is to combine the experience of what worked for you on a previous date with what works for others, this way, you will be pulling the collective wisdom of others and your to make what is bound to be an unbeatable dating resource.
If you are reading this article because this is your first date and you are looking for tips to make is a successful first date, read on, you will find issues covered quite handy in reassuring you on how to make a success of you date.

This tips are not written in stone tablet, you don’t have to follow them to the letters, they are just guidelines to give information on things that could occur on a date and how best to handle such thing. The author is not necessarily an expert on dating issues, however some of the tips are from his personal experience, experienced others have shared with him and the rest are just common sense.
To make the tips easy to read and also to update as we get  more feedback from other people who have very nice dating tips to share the tips are listed.  Here is the first list.

Top Dating Tips

  • You must have a clear picture of the kind of man or woman you want in your life, don’t just accept any person that comes your way with thing you really do not like and hope they will change, it extremely difficult if not impossible to change habits of a grown man or woman.
  • Most of us expect a good looking fit person to date, this is excellent but have a look in the mirror, are you all this things you are expecting from your date? If you are a bit overweight, it may be time to start a dieting regime or other activities that could help you get in shape.
  • Though personal appearance is superficial, it matters a lot to a potential date, look your best. You don’t have to wear expensive clothing but clean well iron cloth will convey a good impression to your potential date.
  • How do you hope to meet your date? are you going to use and online dating website like this one or do you prefer to meet potential dates at social gathering?  If you prefer the social occasions then make sure you get invited to the right parties, when you spot someone you like, find away of getting his or her attention and see how things happen.
  • The kind of relationship you are looking for will depend on the kind of person you should aim to meet. If you are looking for a long term relationship, dating someone who is on holiday or working temporarily or is visiting your areas will not be a good idea, most likely this person will leave after while, you may have grown attached to him or her and saying good bye would be difficult.
  • Once you meet the man or woman you are looking for, be careful not to be pushy, listen and observe what the person want in a date.
  • Don’t allow yourself to be coaxed or cajoled into what you do not want, let your date know you like and dislikes.
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5 Responses to Top Dating and Relationship Tips

  1. jamesgreave says:

    Well that’s been a wonderful article and it really helps people who were already in dating, and people who are going to in…thanks a lot for the post…hope u would continue doing this.

  2. Cameron Sharpe says:

    These are the good tips in this busy world with hectic work load and stress these is were we can get relief and work out for relationships and find our right partner to live together rest of life. Hey thats a great idea, in this busy world you can get in touch with your loved ones.

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  4. Cameron Sharpe says:

    Online dating and socializing is a fun way to meet people. I have met a lot of great people thru chats, IM, e-mail. You can talk to anyone from your own back yard to the other side of the world. Granted it can be dangerous if you do not follow the rules, but so is conventional dating. I wont meet someone within the first week of chatting. And never meet anyone alone…always bring a friend and meet in a public place. Stick to those little rules and you should stay safe. There are more pros to online dating and socializing than there are cons. It is so much fun. You should try it.

  5. Love Romance says:

    Online dating is one of the best ways to meet someone new these days. I have had a lot of success with internet dating.

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