Uninspired Decisions With Your Online Profile Photo

Uninspired Decisions With Your Online Profile Photo  The photo you choose for your online dating profile is one of the first things that make a visitor talk to you, therefore, a winning photo considerably increases your odds to meet more potential dates. You must know it just like you know that it is advisable to create yourself a unique profile to reflect your personality and take you out of the crowd. However, shocking snapshots are rather uninspired decisions when it comes to your cover photo. Of course, you can always pick them as second shots, yet try to avoid the following options:

You poorly dressed

While posing in a dirty and torn T-shirt may tempt you, it actually says that you cannot afford a pair of pants and a jacket; relatively undressed however is even worse than not being dressed up.

You exposing body parts up-close

Unfortunately, the idea is rather a cliché, with more and more people deciding to show off with their pectorals, buttocks, breasts and so far. Choosing this to represent your profile sends the message that it is what you consider being the best of you…

You in a pub or bar

Chances are the light will be poor, the camera flash will not help you and the tons of empty glasses or beer bottles surrounding you will have your image forever preserved with jello shots – best scenario, you will find a drinking buddy on that website.

Just to clarify things, your first photo should put you in a good light, represent a sunny pleasant background and tell things about you other that you love drinking or exposing yourself in tacky outfits. Photos with friends going out, at the beach, with your pets or anything else will make you look a lot better than these from above.

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