What Should You Do When Harassed By An Online Stalker

What Should You Do When Harassed By An Online Stalker  An online stalker can make you experience everything from frustration to anger, yet regardless how you choose to react on his or her pressures, one thing is sure: until you do not approach that bully the right way, you will not overcome the situation. So here is what you should do when harassed by an online stalker.

Begin by identifying, researching and understanding your cyber stalker. If you are only harassed through private messages or public posts on your profile, you should be able to get rid of this problem by simply restricting that user’s access on your page or reporting him to the websites’ administers. If he continues to make mean remarks about you on your friends’ profiles, you should simply let them know to ignore that person.

In fact, this is the key of making an online stalker move on to another victim – ignorance. That person will most likely lose interest in making fun of someone who acts like he or she does not even exists. Such persons feed with your resentments and the more violent you react, the more satisfaction you will provide them. Your absolute silence is the worst thing that can happen to them.

As for your own worries, keep in mind that cyber stalkers are more coward than you could ever imagine. Otherwise, they would have been acting this way in the real world, yet they prefer to do it on the World Wide Web and hide their identity.

If you really cannot help from telling that stalker a few things, make sure you express yourself in an elegant manner. You would not want for you private messages to be made public by that person and put you in a bad light. However, there is little you can accomplish in this way.

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