Would You Date Someone That Makes You Laugh?

If all that someone does is making you laugh, you will most likely not need to date that person. However, isn’t laughing a starting point for developing most of the social interactions? And if you know how to make one laugh instead of frown, doesn’t that buy you extra time, which you can then use in order to prove your other skills and pleasurable traits?

With other words, being funny will not grant you an online date, but it can successfully set the premises for one to last longer than in other circumstances. Everyone enjoys a good laugh and just like in real life, where people that make the best impressions on parties are those that make the best jokes, internet dating works by the same principles. Looks are a great starting point, knowing how to present yourself in a funny manner and make the other one laugh opens your way and only then you can reveal your assets.

Just as an observation, whenever asked about how a man should be or act on a first date, all women specify, among many others, that they want him to make them laugh. And if this is demanded on a first date, it is sure demanded prior to getting it.

To all those thinking they are not funny enough and they will never be, flash news: the sense of humor is cultivated. Some are born with loads of it, others make loads of efforts to achieve it – the thing is that learning how to make someone laugh is doable.

While there are tons of online resources on how to be humorous, jokes to say on dates, strategies of stealing smiles and so on, it is very important for you to understand what it takes to be a comedian without being a clown. A funny person is attractive, yet one that does all the possible tricks may just seem desperate. So making it natural and not trying to be funny all the time is one efficient way of making people laugh when they have reasons, not just to avoid embarrassing you.

Laughing all by yourself because of the jokes you make is also not recommended, for the same above made observation. You will be ridiculous and you will force your date feel ridiculous while laughing back at you.

Lucky us that virtual romances can be easily filled with funny emoticons to mimic enthusiasm and amusement? Not really, but this is not necessarily something to scare us – as long as we keep things natural, casual and relaxed, it should not be the case.

A final observation would be that success rate is also increased when you observe, understand and then manage to imitate or just upgrade your online date’s humor. Making the type of jokes that the other one would do makes you intriguing and if you are not suspected of copying, chances are of being suspected a compatible match – “Oh, look, we laugh about the same things, don’t you find that interesting?”.

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