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With people all over the world looking for love and romance, no one is an expert on dating, regardless of their wealth, youth or beauty. Internet dating sites are becoming a very popular way to find a relationship or partner and while there can be no guarantee on everyone finding love online, when it comes to internet dating sites, there are certain basic rules which could increase your chances of meeting someone online.

For singles in London, we have a few answers to the most common dating questions that London singles (and others) may ask when looking for a date on the 'Im Yours' online dating site.

Why should I search for love on dating websites?

Internet dating sites represent the easiest and most convenient way of meeting people of your age, and who share common interests and activities. Online dating also offers the opportunity to meet singles who live in the same area as you and that otherwise you would have had little chance to interact with. Recent statistics indicate online dating is most popular and used way for people to engage in romantic relationships.

Why should I use Im Yours UK dating site?

Im Yours is a free (and easy to use) website initially designed for London dating services over the internet. Currently covering numerous other regions from the United Kingdom, including Scotland, Wales and some parts of Ireland. The online dating services provided are expanded with dating advice, forums and blogs.. all with useful information! Im Yours suits mature singles as well and the site can also be accessed from mobile phones.

Is this type of dating truly efficient?

The internet is flooded with testimonials of former singles and it is said that thousands of marriages occur each year as a result of internet dating sites. You can read many testimonials on Im Yours dating where happy couples tell of their love stories which were initiated on the internet, you can win £100 pounds in cash for sharing your own love story with Im Yours.

Are there any potential dangers with online dating?

As most people who access internet dating sites are solely interested in finding their true love, dangers normally involve accidental negative experiences with people who share false information and later disappoint initial expectations. But with all the security measures that can be taken, online dating is safe as long as you:

Do I really have to upload my photo?

Uploading photos is not mandatory, yet advisable considering your intentions. The image displayed on your profile is one of the first things that determine how visitors interact with you, it can make you real and more trustworthy.