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Tired of being constantly dragged along to speed dating by your friends, or scary blind double dates? If so you'll be pleased to know that you can actually meet singles from the intimacy of your own home, on free dating websites where thousands of people just like you are looking for a partner and romance.

It may be worth remembering that you being unique does not necessarily make you memorable for all the potential partners you may want to meet. Therefore, you may wish to put into practice a few online dating tips to place your profile under the spotlights, thus attracting more attention.

Do you have an outstanding profile?

Your profile appearance, and the photo you display on the front page, are the two things that can grant success. If you want visitors to do more than simply pass by and perhaps go as far as to leave you a personal message – you need to make a positive, fun and lively appearance online. Use photos, movie characters or special songs to describe your personality instead of simple and plain words. Furthermore, make sure you are specific with regards to what type of person you are interested in meeting, as the goal is not about being approached, but being approached by the right person from the many who visit internet dating sites.

How do you choose the right photos?

There is nothing wrong with a photo that puts you in a good light as long as it does not distort reality. Your best snapshot will definitely catch the eye, but adding a few others of you in natural circumstances is important in order to avoid creating a false image that will later disappoint. And old photos or photos that do not belong to you are wrong and will leave you in deep water later on!

Who should you choose to talk to!

With free dating websites, hundreds or thousands of new users may register each day. To avoid losing precious time online, one should always be polite and only engage into conversations with people who seem to share your common passions and interests. Talking with too many users at the same time can prove tiring and will not necessarily provide the expected results.

Once you delve into the fascinating world of internet dating sites, you will discover that it is not difficult to meet singles, but knowing how to keep a balance between the way you are and the way you want to be perceived takes some practice. And regardless of your experiences, online dating can be great fun!