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Being single may at first seem like fun, with no one to answer to but yourself, free to do as you choose from day to day, however, solitude has the tendency to become a burden through time and can lead to loneliness. Accepting that being single is not how humans were intended to be, time invested in meeting other singles again can lead to a more fulfilled and happy life which could involve a romantic relationship and ultimately love.

Some people have friends who try to 'set them up' on unexpected double dates, others hang out in bars and clubs and there are many other singles that contract the services of a dating agency. Nevertheless, more and more people who want to start dating again resort to dating websites, as they represent the most popular method to find a date in the 21st century.

Reasons why online dating services are the rage in terms of social and romantic interactions are numerous, but the most important ones are the following:

• Online dating only requires a computer or mobile connected to the internet, without you having to dress fancy, be worried about the way you look or spend money up front.

• There are thousands of people that can be approached and the variety of options is entertaining and tempting.

• All interactions can be both initiated and ended at ease as face to face dates are only necessary when two people are convinced they could have a chance together and decide to take the next step.

To summarize, the difference between dating websites and dating agency services is that the agency acts pretty much like a friend who tries to find you a match from what they know about you. With online dating however you have total control right from your living room sofa and the chances of finding a love match are considerably greater.

To meet singles over the internet is an exciting experience and has the major benefit that everyone registered on such websites has exactly the same purpose. In real life we are often passing one another by as strangers, and we rarely have the courage to approach someone we like in case they are not single. Online dating on the other hand removes all the pressure of a first interaction and unveils unexpected opportunities.

Should all the safety measures be performed, such as minimizing the personal information displayed, and taking time to know the person you interact with and convince you they are genuine and sincere, finding true love can be just one simple mouse click away!