What is Online Dating?

Online Dating is the 4th most popular way to pursue romantic relationship according to a research by Baker, A, published in the journal of CyberPsychology and Behaviour in 2002. The author of the research argued that Schools/Work place are the most popular way to find a new love followed by friends/family, clubs and bar are the 3rd most popular way to find love romantic interest. A lot of thins has changed in dating behaviour since the research was published seven years ago. Between then and now, online dating has gain grounds on the three most popular ways of meeting a new partner.
Though, no empirical evidence seem to be available at the moment to say what position online dating is the dating methods popularity stakes, however anecdotal evidence strongly suggests that online dating is probably the most popular way new couples find one another this days. Almost every one knows a friend or a friend of a friend who meet his or her partner through an online dating site. The stigma previously associate with online dating is no longer there with dating site advertising in mainstream medium such as TV and Newspapers.

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