Tess, 36 from Bray, Berkshire Looking For Serious Relationships


Tess, 36 from Bray, Berkshire


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Tess’s Characteristics

Height: 5’1″-5’4″
Ethnicity: Caucasian / White
Marital Status: Single
Smoker: None
Drinker: Social
Children: 0
Occupation: Self Employed

About Tess

I’m a straight forward honest person very caring, loyal and I have impeccable manners.

I like all music and films but my favourit it is rock music and horror films, I love them.

I own and run my own business from home so I’m pretty flexible and I love being my own boss there is no feeling like it in the world.

I don’t have any children or baggage.

It’s just me (and my dog and my chameleon) looking for that special someone to share good times with.

Things I love:

Warm summer muggy rain
Walking my dog
Lazy Sunday’s
Steak and red wine

Things I hate:

Text speak
Bad time keeping

Tess’s Interests

Rock Music, Movies, The Outdoors, Reading, TV/Radio, Cooking and Animals
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28 Dating, Marriage and Relationship Blogs to Follow in 2015

When you want advice, tips and the latest news on trending topics and issues, there are a number of blogs you should follow this year to help you stay on top of things. Whether you are married, single, dating or in a relationship, there is a blog for you.

Here are 28 blogs to consider if you are seeking additional insight for your relationship.



30datesblog.com is a great blog featured by Huffington Post offering dating and relationship advice for 30-somethings. This includes real stories, dating reviews, dating ideas and singles events.


Baggagereclaim.co.uk is a self-help site aimed to help singles feel good about themselves so they can live and love in confidence, while work toward having the relationship they dream about.


Welovedates.com offers dating advice and tips through various topics including relationships, sex and breakups. Seniors and gays can find helpful info here as well.


Impresswomen.tumblr.com is a blog offering easy to understand insight on things you should and should not do on a date. There are personal accounts shared to help others learn what to do on a date.


Lovefromana.com offers contemporary advice and tips on relationships, love, dating, sex and marriage.  There are also tips on relationship books to purchase.


Lovekatetaylor.com offers hot tips and advice on dating, sex and love.


Annieashdown.com is the home of author, motivational speaker and coach Annie Ashdown. Her blog offers all sorts of information about confidence, self-esteem and how to get noticed for the right reasons.


Plentymorefishoutofwater.com is an online dating diary of an Englishman. There is useful information about dating many will find interesting.


Singledatingdiva.com offers dating advice and sex toy details with a fun twist on the aspect of dating.


Stupidcupidblog.com is blog shared by three women who share online dating experiences from three different cities.


Singlegirlblogging.com offers an assortment of dating and sex advice that is sure to pleasure your sexual imagination.


Datelicious.com.au is a dating blog that provides in-depth details about where and how to meet up with singles. Product reviews and dating advice is also provided.


Toyboywarehouse.com/blog shares love and dating advice from experts, along with personal dating stories and tips on how to have a great date.


Youcanbethatgirl.com is a dating blog with tips and tricks on how to deal with breakups, taking risks on dates and more.


Dawnmaslar.com is a blog by author Dawn Maslar featuring relationship tips and advice through intensive study about human relationships. She has developed a vast amount of advice based on being attracted to the wrong person.


Cupidscronies.com offers dating advice and opportunities for date coaching. The site has been featured by a number of top news media organizations.


Bellaanddarcy.com is a dating blog offering great advice to single women while breaking down elements to help them have more successful relationships.


Kissing100frogs.com is a new dating blog offering insightful tips and advice with a unique imagination.


Happilydivorcedandafter.com offers tips, advice and insight about marriage, divorce and starting over after being in a committed relationship.


Middleagelove.com is an adult content blog featuring personal sexual experiences and erotic poetry.


Threemonthdatingchallenge.tumblr.com is a blog that follows 3 ladies as they tackle the challenge of dating during a three month period. The blog includes personal tales of their experience with something for everyone to enjoy.


30everafter.com offers dating and relationship advice from the first date to using social media to complicated aspects of being single.


Melanysguydlines.com is a blog offering tips, reviews and advice on relationships and everything in between. Goodies are also available.


Theminglemaster.com is a dating blog from a guy’s point of view including stories and discussion about finding success in relationships and social situations with class.


Smoochingfrogs.com is a love and relationship blog featuring interviews and product/movie reviews to help people get more out of social situations.


Newcitygirlondating.blogspot.co.uk  is a blog written by a city girl who shares insight, advice and tips on dating and relationships including controversial topics.


Desertdates.wordpress.com offers unique advice and tips for people in relationships while exploring ridiculous relations in remote locations.


Matchmakermusings.com is a personal blog featuring musings of a previous matchmaker. The blog offers unique interpretations of relationships from different perspective.

If you would like to offer a blog that we missed, you can do that via contact form or using our Twitter account.

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Teyana, 36 from Wandsworth, London Looking For Friendship

beautiful legs

Teyana, 36 from Wandsworth, London


Contact Teyana

Teyana’s Characteristics

Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Dark Blonde
Hair Length: Long
Height: 5’5″-5’8″
Build: Athletic
Ethnicity: Caucasian / White
Religion: Spiritual
Marital Status: Single
Smoker: None
Drinker: Light
Children: 0
Vegetarian: No
Education: Degree
Occupation: Finance

Teyana’s Answers

What do you like to do for fun?

Sport, adventure, diving, museums and theatre, thai yoga massage, films, cooking and dining out

What is your most treasured possession?

My eternal optimism and kindness to others

What is your favourite place in the world to visit?

Italy, the sounds, people, history and views are beautiful

Who is your greatest inspiration?

My family

If you won the lottery what would you buy first?

Holiday for my friends and family

Teyana’s Interests

Movies, Theatre, Dancing, The Arts, The Outdoors, DIY/Crafts, Restaurants, Pubs/Clubs, Reading, Cooking, Travelling, Keep Fit and Sports (Playing)
Send a message to Teyana

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Is Half the Population of England and Wales Really Single?

the beautiful blonde

Is Half the Population of England and Wales Really Single?

Data released by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) claims roughly 51 percent of citizens from Wales and England is single.  Experts suggest the ratio of married and single people across the area varies including Northern Ireland and Scotland.  This study is unusual as it shows for the first time the potential number of single individuals in regards to the nation’s population.

In 2011, the information for this study was collected and results were released earlier this year. The study even had an interactive map created that shows areas with the highest number of singles.  Anyone who is single may find this tool really amazing.

Technology has really played an interesting factor in the development of such a great tool that may help people find their soulmate.  The tool offers insight on where to go in areas such as north London. If you want to reduce the risk of hooking up with someone who is married, the tool guides you to the direction where you can connect with someone more compatible, while meeting your expectations. A quarter of adults in north London, for example, are married.

Singles have a great chance of meeting other singles in areas such as Nottingham, London, Brighton and Manchester.  These areas are just a few of the top 10 areas with the most single individuals.  Yet, the study has raised another question: Is it true literally half the population of people over age 16 in Wales and England are considered single?

This may seem like a high probability but this is due to the idea of what a person may consider the definition of “single” really is.  You may not be in a relationship, but at the same time you could be (or not) seeing someone. If you are living with a partner but you are not married you could be considered single, according to statisticians who completed the study.

ONS conducted another study recently that looked into households.  During 2014, close to 27 million households throughout the United Kingdom were reviewed with 28 percent claiming to have just one person that made up the household. Roughly 3 million had at least one child and one parent. The one parent was seen as a single person. Yet, you have another 3 million people counted that were cohabiting and counted as single individuals.

The study shows a household can be defined as almost anything from a single person to a full size family or just a group of friends that live together. The study conducted did not included same-sex couples since they recently became allowed to be in the UK last year.  People considered in civil partnership during the 2011 census were not counted as single individuals.

The study concluded that in 2012 roughly 12 percent of 6 million people cohabiting in UK were over age 16.  Meaning, much of these people were considered single.  This is considered the fastest type of family growth in UK since 1996 with a 6.5 percent increase. The overall rate is considered over 50 percent if you could people who have never married, widowed, divorced and consider themselves single. The figure would be under 40 percent if you leave out cohabitating couples.

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