Is Cupid Always Offline?

If you take the definition of a romantic gesture as the little something with a special meaning to a particular person, it appears that romance has infinite meanings. Ask people what romance means to them and you may get to hear:

  • a juicy love statement
  • a stolen kiss
  • being able to always surprise your lover in a pleasant way
  • a dinner on candle’s lights
  • offering a flower
  • a walk on the beach on sunset

… and the list could go on and on. Easy to notice, most from the entire above and not only are things that cannot be experienced on the internet. So can online dating still be a romantic experience with Cupid playing anywhere else at the time when you have found a special someone on a dating website?

Considering romance online and offline

 If romance can mean anything from one person to another, there is still hope to make Cupid sign in for virtual romances. It is not about inviting your date for an imaginary walk with Google Earth 3D, but about making other small gestures that the current technology allows and that do not pass as creepy.

We will get back soon to this part, but it is also very important to state that finding love online is, in most of the situations, designed to help you translate it to the real world. While there are a few couples interested in maintaining their relationship solely on the internet, all the others are actually anxious to take it to the next level. And that next level is the place where you can have Cupid on your side and put all your romantic tricks into practice. But how can you get there?

Practice your skills with internet dating

 Most people are aware that it is difficult to be romantic on the World Wide Web but it does not mean you cannot prove that you are a romantic person in your daily life and suggest that person you hope to start a relationship with what pleasant and romantic things you will be doing together.

Here is what you should do:

Make sure your profile gives a hint or two on how romantic you are. You can choose to specify it or just to sneak a few romantic things that you like in your description

Remember that poems are still not overrated as long as the person you address them appreciates poetry. Instead of the traditional “copy-paste” move, which is a big turn off, struggle to write a few lines on your own, ideally by focusing on the person you approach, to prove you are genuine

Instead of sending your date a song from the internet, send a record with you making a cute statement

If you have already made the first steps of online interactions and both agree the chemistry, have fun with a few online quizzes about love

And always pleasantly surprise your date!

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