Christmas tips for those dating an Austrian, Spanish, Norwegian or a French person

Mistletoe Kiss

Mistletoe Kiss

Are you dating someone from a different nationality? We all know that opposite attract, however a multicultural relationship can itself be a proper challenge. Christmas is just around the corner and perhaps it´s the perfect time to get to know a bit more about his or her culture – especially if your partner wants to introduce you to the family! Because multicultural couples are becoming increasingly more common in our society (there’s nothing better than showing him or her that you care about his or her traditions), here are some tips for those who have just met that special person from a different country.
Merry Christmas!

Austrians celebrate this time of the year in a very unique way. For instance, they don’t decorate the tree until Christmas Eve, so remember not to pressure them… If you want to impress your Austrian partner, you only need to buy a chocolate advent calendar, or even better have a go and try to bake a delicious Sachertorte cake, the most popular cake in Austria since 1832.
Extra tip: Try to find the most special Christmas market in your city and organise a romantic evening drinking gluhwein, a traditional Austrian drink of spiced wine served warm. Your partner will love it!
What to say: Frohe Weihnachten!


First of all, you need to remember that Spaniards love to spend time with their families, especially on nights such as La Nochebuena (Christmas Eve) on the 24th and the Reyes Magos Day on the 6th January, when they eat the famous Rosca de Reyes a ring shaped cake with little surprises inside.
Extra tip: If you are spending New Year’s Eve with your Spanish partner, please don’t forget to offer him or her 12 grapes. You will find out why in this Christmas infographic from Expedia.

Spanish Xmas

Spanish Xmas

What to say: Feliz Navidad!


Norwegian Christmas - God Jul!

Norwegian Christmas – God Jul!

Don´t be surprised if your partner wishes it will snow during the Christmas holidays, as for Norwegians, snow makes this celebrations even more magical. If you both spend the 24th together, make sure the popular rice porridge called Julegrot is on the table, which hides an almond in the mix.
Extra tip: Do you want to surprise him or her? Don´t hesitate to invite your partner to watch Grevinnen og hovmesteren (Dinner for One), but make sure you do it on the 23th!
What to say: God Jul!

Along with Spanish and Italians, French people love food and Christmas is the best excuse to enjoy lots of delicious foie grass, lobster and of course the popular Bûche de Noël. If you are spending this festive period together, please don’t forget to buy at least a bottle of Moet Chandon; French can never have enough champagne…!
Extra tip: Don’t forget to send him or her one carte de voeux, but remember you have to wait until Christmas is finished…
What to say: Joyeux Noël!

Article contributed by By Marta López

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