From Online Dating To Real Life Dating – Rushing To Make The Big Step?

From Online Dating To Real Life Dating – Rushing To Make The Big Step?  The main purpose of online dating being the one of finding someone to have a relationship with, a first face-to-face meeting, a real date, is just a matter of time when two people start communicating over the internet. Depending on their personality, certain feelings can develop prior to that date, enthusiasm, excitement and great expectations being part of the process, even though not recommended from the beginning.

Nevertheless, when do you know that the time has come for that special moment? The good news is that there is no recipe or rule on this chapter and the bad news is that many people who use online dating have the tendency to rush into taking a virtual relationship on a real plan and end up disappointed.

Anyway, every one of us when becoming active on a dating website has a certain idea of what partner expects to find. First discussions are always pleasant as persons involved try to put themselves in the best light. Taking time to confirm expectations is vital, only that this time depends from person to person.

However, live chat, followed by phone number exchanges, SMS and over the phone discussions should all be tested prior to a real date. There are differences in the way a person writes and talks, certain ideas can be misunderstood when being read and both written and verbal communication help people know each other. Moreover, these interactions help the two persons know their preferences and prepare the field for that big date.

Choosing a place to relax while bringing comfort to both of them and having common discussion topics depend on previous online conversations. And postponing increases suspense and desire. Therefore, the later is probably the better.

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